Services de filtres portables

L’utilisation des filtres portables de Jacobi offre plusieurs avantages par rapport aux filtres d’absorption installés fixes.

  • Availability

    Several sizes are available from stock at our multiple production hubs in Europe.

  • Compact Solution

    Alternative or other technologies such as Biosystems, scrubbers, membranes are often more complicated and often require more space.

  • Cost Effective

    No investment (CAPEX) or maintenance cost for customer.

  • Easy Solution

    The mobile filters are supplied with the necessary piping and standard quick-release couplings for easy and rapid installation.

  • Proven Technology

    Mobile filters are a proven technology used in a wide range of applications.

  • Total Service Package

    Auxiliary equipment such as Ventilators, pump, Insulation and heat tracing can be offered.

  • Rental Option Available

    The mobile filters are available as a rental solution. Normal maintenance is included in the lease of a mobile filter.

  • Emergency

    Mobile filters are interesting in emergency case (urgent matters) such as accidental spills, pfos removal fire-fighting foams etc.

  • Modular Units

    Adding or replacing filters in case of changing process conditions is easy. The mobile filters can be used in as single filter, in parallel or in series depending on the needs of the customer’s application.

  • No Investment Cost

    The units can be returned at the end of project.

  • No Maintenance Cost

    The maintenance is done of site at the Jacobi service centre.

  • No On-site Carbon Handling

    The mobile filters are a combined transport container and activated carbon filter. This eliminates the need for onsite spent carbon handling and minimises the transport cost. Mobile filters are also referred to as clean adsorption technology due to the absence of onsite carbon handling.

  • Temporary Need

    The mobile filters are also used in case of toll manufacturing. They are used as an emergency treatment in case of an accidental spill.

Gammes de filtres portables


La gamme de filtres industriels AquaFlow™ est spécialement développée pour les applications industrielles telles que la réhabilitation des eaux souterraines, le traitement des lixiviats, la purification des produits chimiques, le traitement des aliments, le traitement des eaux usées d’eau potable, etc.


La gamme de filtres industriels EcoFlow™ est spécifiquement conçue pour le traitement et la purification de l’air et des gaz. Les applications incluent la suppression des COV (par exemple dans les cabines de vaporisation), le contrôle des odeurs, la ventilation des réservoirs, la purification des biogaz.