Jacobi Helps Breed Clean Air

Clean air is life and so cleaning air is therefore vital to protect life. In a highly-industrialised world this is a great challenge. On one hand the industry is expanding, whilst on the other, regulations are getting tighter. Today’s regulations on air emissions often require control technologies for removing contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or inorganic compounds (mercury, SO₂, or compounds giving a pervasive odour). These emissions can come from a variety of plants. For example, storage buildings, wastewater plants, tank cleaning sites, paint spray booths, chemical sites and storage tanks.




Activated carbon’s simplicity and reliability make it an ideal solution for air emission compliance. The solutions that Jacobi offers are as diverse as the applications. A full package of activated carbon products is developed able to handle trace concentrations (ppm) to significant concentrated gas streams (g/m³). Jacobi supplies:

  • Extruded activated carbon (EAC)
  • Granular activated carbon (GAC)
  • Coconut and coal based carbons
  • Impregnated carbons for inorganics removal
  • Acid washed products for ketones removal


Jacobi offers a complete range of rental mobile filters that can handle flow rates up to 40,000m³/h per filter for air treatment applications. The benefits of using Jacobi mobile filters are:

  • EcoFlow™ filters are rented via the local sales offices, avoiding international transport
  • They are then installed by local Jacobi service teams, based close by and able to reach you quickly
  • The teams will also speak your language, meaning there are no delays due to communication difficulties
  • Filters are compact and optimized for logistics
  • Overall, there is less energy consumption compared to other technologies

In some air treatment applications, precautions need to be made to avoid bed fires. Jacobi has the experience and engineering capacity to install all necessary safety measures, essential for safe operation of the filters.


Jacobi has a European network of spent carbon collection centres. In these collection centres we can group the used product before transporting it cost-effectively to one of the reactivation centres.

  • Reactivation capabilities in France and Germany and most recently Spain.


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