Jacobi brings food and ingredients for food to the world’s highest purity and safety standards.

The key objectives for food companies are product safety and continuous quality. Unwanted tastes and colours must be dealt with and impurities need to be effectively removed. Public health and safety issues are at the top of the agenda. Next to the performance and safety issues, the economic side is also important. We ensure that all of the solutions we offer are as economical as possible. Jacobi’s purification solutions are used to:

  • Demineralise liquid streams
  • Improve the color stability
  • Increase the crystallisation yield
  • Reduce odour
  • Remove color
  • Remove toxic compounds such as PAH; dioxins from vegetable and fish oil

Fermentation: Removal of unwanted color compounds is an example of an application of activated carbon and resins in citric acid production. The decolourisation of extracts used in the lactic acid production process is another fermentation process where activated carbon is commonly used.

Sweeteners: A very common application of both activated carbon and resins is the purification of various sweeteners. This includes sucrose (from cane and beet), glucose and fructose syrups from starch or inuline which are used to produce food, sweets and soft drinks. It is often necessary to remove color, taste, and odour constituents as well as contaminants.

Colors: Reprocessing/recycling of off-specification scrap confectionery products in the confectionery industry needs treatment of residual color.

Water treatment: Beverage producers demand very high purity in water and often the water supply from local sources needs further treatment..



Jacobi offers an extensive range of products for food applications:

  • Granular activated carbon products (GAC)
  • Powdered activated carbon products (PAC)
  • For low pH streams, we supply acid washed products


Jacobi has a full range of mobile filters for water applications for flow rates up to 80m³/h for on-site treatment.The benefits of using Jacobi filters are:

  • AquaFlow™ filters are rented via the local sales offices, avoiding international transport. For food applications, we have dedicated stainless steel filters with a documented history.
  • They are then installed by local Jacobi service teams, based close by and able to reach you quickly
  • The teams will also speak your language, meaning there are no delays due to communication difficulties
  • For the food industry, special attention is given to the process steps by our application specialists: sweetening on, sweetening off, steaming
  • The filters can be used for activated carbon but also for Resinex™ ion exchange applications
  • Filters are compact and optimized for logistics
  • No on-site carbon handling ensures the food production area is kept clean


Jacobi offers a full package of ion exchange food grade resins products to cost-effectively solve your technical challenges for the demineralisation or color removal from foodstuffs.

  • Resinex™ TPS-1000, Resinex™ TPS-1023
  • Resinex™ TPS-2016, Resinex™ TPS-2019
  • Resinex™ TPS-2400


Jacobi has a European network of spent carbon collection centres. In these collection centres we can group the used product before transporting it cost-effectively to one of the reactivation centres.

  • Reactivation capabilities in France and Germany


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