Jacobi Makes Clean Chemistry Possible With Rental Filters

In the chemical industry, the product quality is often the driving force. Jacobi has extensive experience and offers a range of solutions in the treatment of liquid chemicals. Impurities, colors or inhibitors need to be removed from the chemical products. Chemical processes where Jacobi’s solutions are used are:

  • By-product purification (hydrochloric acid)
  • Crystallisation yield improvement
  • Heat stability improvement
  • Intermediate product purification
  • Ionic impurities removal
  • Purification and decolourisation of final product
  • Purification of off spec product




Jacobi offers a full package of activated carbon products to solve your technical challenges cost-effectively. Jacobi can assist in assessing the correct grade of carbon, as well as the preparation of testing and deployment of pilot equipment.

  • Granular activated carbons (GAC)
  • Powdered activated carbons (PAC)
  • Coconut, wood based and coal based products
  • High purity products for specialty chemicals


Jacobi has a full range of mobile filters for water applications for flow rates up to 80m³/h for on-site treatment. The advantages of using Jacobi filters are:

  • AquaFlow™ filters are rented via the local sales offices, avoiding international transport
  • They are then installed by local Jacobi service teams, based close by and able to reach you quickly
  • The teams will also speak your language, meaning there are no delays due to communication difficulties
  • Filters are compact and optimized for logistics
  • The filters can be used for activated carbon but also for Resinex™ in ion exchange applications.
  • Available for temporary production runs


Jacobi offers a full package of ion exchange resins for cost-effective purification and separation of various chemical process streams:

  • Resinex™ CH-12
  • Resinex™ CH-20, Resinex™ CH-23
  • Resinex™ D-K-8 can be used in biodiesel purification to remove traces of catalysts and possible glycerol and soap


Jacobi has a European network of spent carbon collection centres. In these collection centres we can group the used product before transporting it cost-effectively to one of the reactivation centres.

  • Reactivation capabilities in France and Germany


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