Jacobi’s Solutions are Used to Purify Several Sources of Water

Wastewater: Water is used in all sorts of production processes as a utility. In some cases, water needs to be treated prior to being used in industrial processes. During processing, the water becomes wastewater that is hard to define, but needs to be either recycled or discharged according to the local regulations. Wastewater can be treated on-site prior to reuse or discharge. According to discharge regulations, water needs to meet specifications on COD, TOC, AOX, heavy metals, pesticides and odour, amongst others.

Remediation: Groundwater treatment is essential to treat spilled or leaked materials mostly on industrial sites. Alternatively, the land could have been polluted in the past and needs to be restored by treating water. Jacobi’s services are used in pump and treat solutions and also for the removal of airborne contaminants that are emitted during the remediation activities.

Landfill leachate: This is a water that can have negative impact on ground and surface water that therefore needs to be treated. Typically, it contains various organic compounds (COD, AOX, EOX…) and a cocktail of inorganics. Due to the variable composition, biological and chemical processes are typically supported using activated carbon.

Emergency treatment: Accidental spills or firewater from firefighting are usually contaminated with impurities and collect in a pool. Often, the on-site installed wastewater treatment plant cannot deal with this type of contaminated water and so extra treatment with mobile filters is needed prior to discharge in the environment.

To meet all these challenges, Jacobi carbons offers a customised package with immediate availability. On top of this, we have developed a collection of top-of-the-range adsorption products that maximise performance and keep costs down to a minimum.




Jacobi offers a full package of activated carbon drinking water products to solve your technical challenges cost-effectively. Jacobi can assist in assessment of the correct grade of carbon and preparation of testing and deployment of pilot equipment.

  • AquaSorb™ grades for drinking water treatment
  • Granular activated carbons (GAC)
  • Powdered activated carbons (PAC)


Jacobi offers a full package of ion exchange resins products for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater. They are:

  • Resinex™ CH-23
  • Resinex™ CH-80


Jacobi has a full range of mobile filters for water applications for flow rates up to 80m³/h for on-site treatment. The benefits of using Jacobi filters are:

  • AquaFlow™ filters are rented via the local sales offices, avoiding international transport
  • They are then installed by local Jacobi service teams, based close by and able to reach you quickly
  • The teams will also speak your language, meaning there are no delays due to communication difficulties
  • The filters are available from stock in case of emergency such as accidental spills or firewater treatment
  • All filters are compact and optimized for logistics
  • A complete range of rental filters is available for different applications
  • We offer lease filters which are the best solution for temporary needs, for example  groundwater sanitation projects or plant maintenance


Jacobi has a European network of spent carbon collection centres. In these collection centres we can group the used product before transporting it cost-effectively to one of the reactivation centres.

  • Reactivation capabilities in France and Germany


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