Jacobi Services, A Jacobi Group Division

Jacobi services is a key part of the Jacobi group that has been established to assist customers with the ‘Services’ required around our core product activated carbon, this includes filtration applications, specialist handling of product on site for customers as well as some bespoke application research and development.
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Our Application Sectors

Working across multiple business sectors our services cover a range of applications, click the links below for more information on each.


Drinking Water

Activated carbon is used for the purification of water
intended for human consumption.


Waste Water

Treatment of water in applications not
intended for human consumption.



All applications involving the purification of
food-grade products or food ingredients.



All applications at ambient pressure where air is the main carrier gas or a gas stream is discharged into air.



Purification of biogas at anaerobic digestion plants and landfills.



Purification of various chemicals.

Mobile & Fixed Filter Units

OUR MOBILE FILTER UNITS are designed to treat dissolved organics from a variety of sources. The units can be placed in parallel to increase processing effectiveness, or in series to improve performance. The entire filter bed is constantly flooded with evenly distributed liquid, which prevents channelling at low treatment rates and optimizes the life of the filter.

The media is always active even in cases of intermittent use and can be easily serviced under backwash conditions. When spent activated carbon reaches saturation, it can be replaced in the existing filter. In semi-static mode the modular units are particularly suitable for temporary or emergency situations.

Carbon Reactivation

IN MANY APPLICATIONS, spent carbon can be reused after recycling. We offer users of granulated and extruded carbon a cost effective and environmentally friendly reactivation service eliminating the need for costly land ll or incineration. Thermal reactivation is an environmentally responsible process that helps to reduce CO2 emissions, while contributing to a sustainable use of the world’s resources.

Media Handling

USING ACTIVATED CARBON effectively requires careful placement and removal to ensure the integrity of the asset is maintained. In order to maximize the yield from reactivated material, spent carbon should be carefully removed as this has a direct financial impact on overall operating costs.

For removal purposes we utilize specially designed equipment for handling activated carbon by either water-eduction or dry vacuum, and also can arrange transportation from the site. By providing a full service package, Jacobi ensures maximum effectiveness and return on investment.

Application Testing & Evaluation

WHEN IT COMES TO ACTIVATED CARBON regardless of the reactivation process we can put together a complete carbon exchange service for your needs. Our skilled application support team and lab technicians will customize a world class solution for your specific needs with precise testing and efficiency reporting.

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