Water Treatment


Water Treatment

Water that is not used for human consumption is treated to comply with the local discharge limits or with the required quality standards when it is reused in industrial processes.

Water is one of our most important resources and needs to be used with care. Purification of water before discharge or the reuse of water in the industry helps to increase the availability of drinking water for human consumption.

The EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) was introduced and implemented to protect this valuable resource. With the growing realisation that water quality is under threat from pollution and effects associated with climate change, safe and efficient technology is called for to ensure appropriate water treatment.

Jacobi Services water purification solutions are used to treat:

  • Wastewater
  • Remediation
  • Landfill leachate
  • Process water
  • Emergency treatment

Jacobi Services offers customised packages with immediate availability to meet all of these purification challenges. In addition, we have developed a collection of top-of-the-range adsorption products that maximise performance and keep costs to a minimum.


  • Mobile filters are a proven technology
  • pH neutralisation services for fast start up
  • Clean solution, operators do not come into contact with the activated carbon
  • Mobile filters are modular units to treat a wide range of flow rates
  • On-site representative piloting
Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Water is used in all sorts of production processes as a utility. In some cases, water needs to be treated prior to being used in industrial processes. During processing, the water becomes wastewater that is hard to define, but needs to be either recycled or discharged according to the local regulations. Wastewater can be treated on-site prior to reuse or discharge. According to discharge regulations, water needs to meet specifications on COD, TOC, AOX, heavy metals, pesticides, and odour, amongst others.

Soil Remediation Solutions

Water Treatment In Soil Remediation Projects

Groundwater treatment is essential to treat spilled or leaked materials mostly on industrial sites. Alternatively, the land could have been polluted in the past and needs to be restored by treating water. Jacobi’s services are used in pump and treat solutions and also for the removal of airborne contaminants that are emitted during the remediation activities.

Landfill Leachate Treatment

Landfill Leachate Purification

Landfill leachate is a water that can have a negative impact on ground and surface water and needs to be treated. Typically, it contains various organic compounds (COD, AOX, EOX, etc.) and a cocktail of inorganics. Due to the variable composition, biological and chemical processes are typically supported using activated carbon.

Process Water Filtration

For The Reuse of Process Water

Jacobi Services solutions can help to establish a Zero Liquid Discharge strategy. Before water can be reused it must be treated to remove contaminants such as COD loading, colour or specific micropollutants. Mobile filters with activated carbon or ion exchange resins are used to recycle contaminated process water. Avoiding wastewater discharge increases the availability of water at a lower cost which is one of the key advantages of wastewater reuse, especially in regions affected by water shortages and drought.

Emergency Contamination Treatment

Emergency Treatment of Contaminated Water

Accidental spills or firewater from firefighting are usually contaminated with impurities and may be collected in a specific pool or lagoon. Often, the on-site installed wastewater treatment plant cannot deal with this type of contaminated water and so extra treatment with mobile filters is needed prior to discharge into the environment.


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