Reuse of Process Water

Water is a finite valuable resource that needs to be managed efficiently to avoid shortage of supply. The increasing climate changes tend to increase the lengths and frequency of the dry periods leading to lowering ground water levels. A quick and easy approach used by governments is to limit the water supply to the users during dry period. Other measures, for example, include the reuse of rainwater or decreasing the covered or paved surface area, that prevent the lowering of the groundwater level.

Another approach is the reduction of water usage in the industry by applying fewer water consuming processes, or to prevent single use water by reusing contaminated process water or wastewater after appropriate treatment to extend the water life cycle, preserving water resources.

The Jacobi Services mobile filters from the AquaFlow™ range filled with different media are used to treat contaminated process water for reuse in industrial processes, instead of discharging after single use, and for treatment of the water prior to discharge. The contaminants found in industrial process water depend on the type of industry and are, for example:

  • Specific organic contaminants
    • Aromatic hydrocarbons, including BTEX: benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, and xylene
    • Halogenated hydrocarbons
    • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Inorganic contaminants
    • Heavy metals

The treated contaminated process water needs to fulfil the quality levels required to reuse the water in the specific industrial process.


AquaFlow Filters


The AquaFlow™ range of mobile water treatment adsorbers have been successfully used for contaminated process water treatment. The filters are selected based on the annual carbon consumption and flowrate. The mobile adsorbers can be operated in a combination of parallel and/or series connection.


EcoFlow™ filters

Auxiliary equipment and additional services

In addition to mobile filters and different media, Jacobi Services also offers auxiliary equipment and additional services, such as:

The initial application evaluation based on historical data, properties of the impurities that need to be removed and mathematical models.

Isotherm testing with the user to estimate the annual activated carbon consumption.

A series of removable insulation jackets with electrical heat tracing to maintain the temperature and to protect operators when the mobile filters of the AquaFlow™ range are operated at higher temperatures.


Recycling, Energy Recovery or Disposal Services

The Jacobi adsorbents are used in a wide range of applications. Adsorbents generally have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced once they are saturated or the treatment objective is reached. Jacobi Services offers several recycling, energy recovery or disposal services in different facilities, depending on the properties of the spent material.



AquaSorb™ 100 Series

The AquaSorb™ 100 series are designed for water treatment, for example, in soil remediation and wastewater projects. This range of products has been used to remove polyaromatic, chlorinated solvent and mineral oils from water in soil remediation projects.



The ReSorb™ range of reactivated pool carbons are used to remove organics from landfill leachate.


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