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Jacobi Services stands for economical and safe plant operation. Specialized service staff can provide on-site support during installation and commissioning.

Efficient and safe operation of adsorption plants also requires professional filling and emptying of the filters in compliance with safety and environmental regulations. This service can be performed by Jacobi technicians on site, at a Jacobi service centre, or at a selected service or logistics partner. Due to the required special equipment and the high safety requirements, the transfer of this task to the service specialists of Jacobi Carbons is recommended.

The service teams, application and process engineers at Jacobi Carbons have many years of practical experience in the selection and use of activated carbons and ion exchange resins as well as the operation of adsorption plants. In combination with the mobile filter units and according to the formulated task in each case an economical and safe operation of filter systems can be guaranteed.


  • Wide range of activated carbons and ion exchange resins to suit varying water qualities
  • Own quality control and high quality standards
  • Our own new and modern production sites
  • Bacteriostatic silverised grade compliant to CA Proposition 65 requirements
  • NSF Standard compliances

Solvent Recovery

Vapour Recovery System

Waste Water Plants

Drinking Water Plants

Odour Control Adsorbers

Industrial Process Treatment Vessels


Beverage Manufacturers

Filter change, logistics, thermal reactivation or proper disposal of used adsorbents complete the services provided by the team of Jacobi Services. Jacobi Services employees will comply with environmental, health and safety regulations. The service teams have the necessary equipment, extensive expertise and many years of experience. Specialised service staff can provide on-site support during installation and commissioning.


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