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Professional process and project support for selection of media, mobile filters and implementation of operating service.

Application know how, laboratory tests, pilot plant trials as well as on site full scale tests with mobile filters will help to determine optimal operating conditions for achieving the best purification results.

The selection of suitable adsorbents and optimal recycling services are determining factors in the efficient and cost effective use of mobile filter units. Based on the type of contaminants and the process conditions, Jacobi Services offers a wide range of different activated carbons, ion exchange resins and other media. Application know how, lab tests, pilot plants as well as on site full scale tests with mobile filters will help to determine optimal conditions for achieving the best purification results.

A system solution for the efficient, economic and safe removal of organic and inorganic compounds and substances from liquids and gases begins with the selection of a suitable adsorbent and a suitable filter. In addition, auxiliary equipment may be required for on-site installation or integration. These can include, for example, pumps or fans and piping as well as monitoring and safety systems. Jacobi Services offers project related engineering support and comprehensive solution competence in all project phases. Continuous filter changes and the proper handling of used adsorbents complete the system solution.


  • Wide range of activated carbons and ion exchange resins to suit varying water qualities
  • Own quality control and high quality standards
  • Our own new and modern production sites
  • Bacteriostatic silverised grade compliant to CA Proposition 65 requirements
  • NSF Standard compliances

Laboratory Testing



Operating cost estimation

Recycling services

Engineering support

Application know-how

On-site Services

Mobile filter units

The technical solutions are adjusted to the respective requirements of the customer, taking into account the local legal regulations and operational standards.

Comprehensive support for all aspects of plant extension or reinstallation.


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