Food Applications

The Problem

Liquid Sucrose or sugar produced from beet or, occasionally, cane sugar can contain different taste or colour compounds. To combat this, a granular activated carbon process was developed using mobile filters to produce colourless and transparent liquid sucrose solutions with a neutral, sweet taste, free from any off-flavours.

Application Information

Liquid sucrose stream made from beet sugar has following parameters:

Flow rate: 12m3 /h

Sugar concentration: 63 Brix

Viscosity of the liquid: 15 cP at 55°C

Operating temperature: 55-60°C

pH before the carbon filter: 3-4

Continuous operation time: 24/7

Impurities to be removed: Beet taste

Ash before the filter: 0.01

Colour before the filter: 30-50 ICUMSA

The customer also treats cane sugar solutions using a batch process.

The Solution

Taste is removed from the liquid beet sugar using reactivated granular activated carbon type Resorb Solo™ H150 and the mobile filter, AquaFlow™ 2000, with a certified food grade coating. The filter retention time is typically 20 minutes and the exchange frequency is based on a judgment from a specialised taste panel. The customer and the Jacobi carbons mobile filter team decided not to insulate the mobile filters for easier handling at customer’s site and within one of the Jacobi service centres .