Odour Removal Solutions

If you have an issue with control of odour and also require controlled emissions for environmental compliance, then Jacobi can help. For controlled odour load we provide solutions based around our mobile filter units paired with activated carbon media that can also be managed by our service team. We can offer a fully ‘plug-and –play’ solution for a wide range of requirements. Get in touch with the Jacobi team and we will guide you through the technical process.

Companies can emit odour (emissions) to the environment that can be considered a nuisance by local people, leading to complaints and bad publicity. Volatile emissions contribute to air pollution and climate change as well as a direct economic cost to the emitting company due to product lost to atmosphere.

The odour spreads through the air and causes an odour load to the living environment (emission). By odour load we mean the amount of odour, expressed in odour units per cubic metre of air, that ends up in an odour-sensitive location, such as people’s homes.

The chemical nature of an odour compound can indicate the odour potential of a molecule. Overview of the odour potential of compounds:

High odour potentials  

  • Organic sulphur compounds  
  • Volatile amines  
  • Volatile acids  
  • Chlorinated phenols  
  • Cresoles and skatoles  
  • Hydrogen sulphide (H₂S)  
  • Unsaturated aldehydes  

Moderate odour potentials  

  • Ketones  
  • Aldehydes  
  • Esters  
  • Alcohols  

Low odour potentials  

  • (Chlorinated) hydrocarbons  

The Jacobi Services mobile filters and different media are also used for odour abatement.


EcoFlow Filters


The EcoFlow™ mobile filter range is specially developed and built for the treatment of air and gases. The filtration unit is a combined transport vessel and adsorption system delivered pre-filled with selected adsorbent media to ensure cost effective purification results.


EcoFlow™ filters

Auxiliary equipment and additional services

In addition to mobile filters and different media, Jacobi Services also offers various items of auxiliary equipment and additional services for odour removal from air, including:

  • The selection of the type and number of EcoFlow™ filters. The selection depends on the flowrate and the estimated annual activated carbon consumption.
  • Media sample pots can be supplied in order to determine the recycling or disposal route quickly.
  • Local service teams that speak the native language to give on-site support, depending on the application.

Recycling and reactivation

The Jacobi adsorbents are used in a wide range of applications. Adsorbents generally have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced once they are saturated or the treatment objective is reached. Jacobi Services offers several recycling, energy recovery or disposal services in different facilities, depending on the properties of the spent material.




Jacobi’s AddSorb™ range of speciality activated carbons for various applications, such as acid gases, alkali gases, formaldehyde, mercury, and odour control.



EcoSorb™ activated carbons are designed for a diverse range of air and gas purification duties. Featuring granular and extruded pellet types; these products exhibit the high microporosity necessary to adsorb efficiently in the gaseous phase. The EcoSorb™ range are activated carbons used for odorous compounds abatement in air.



The ReSorb™ range of reactivated pool carbons are used for organic odorous compound abatement in air.


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