Soil Remediation Solutions

Groundwater and soil contamination have become major environmental issues. Man-made pollution has led to the near systemic presence of a cocktail of different types of pollutants, both organic and inorganic pollutants, in contaminated soils. Jacobi Services has different solutions based around our mobile filter units paired with activated carbon, ion exchange resins and other media for soil remediation projects. We can offer a fully plug-and-play solution for a wide range of requirements. Get in touch with the Jacobi team and we will guide you through the technical process.

There exists different decontamination technologies in soil remediation projects that can result in contaminated water and/or air streams that need to be treated prior to discharge in the environment.

The Jacobi Services mobile filters of the EcoFlow™ range filled with different media are used to treat air during soil remediation projects. There exists different decontamination technologies that can result in contaminated airstreams that need treatment, including:

  • Soil remediation projects where a tent is put up above the site where the soil is excavated, and toxic compounds can escape. Air extracted from a tent where the soil is excavated is stored under temporary cover for ex situ treatment. This tent is usually equipped with an air treatment system, using mobile activated carbon filters, to treat the displaced air that will ensure the safety of employees and the surrounding area.
  • Within soil vapour extraction is a process for in-situ soil remediation of volatile contaminants. The accumulated contaminants on the solids and liquid of the soil are transferred into the gas phase. The contaminant-laden air is collected at extraction wells and then treated to remove the impurities with processes such as activated carbon adsorption.
  • Stripper air from a ‘pump and treat’ type system that can contain volatile organic compounds.

There are numerous organic and inorganic compounds that must be removed from air in order to comply with the local legislation and to protect humans against these harmful gases.

Overview of typical organic and inorganic compounds that are removed with mobile filters:

Organics compounds
Inorganics compounds
Aliphatic hydrocarbons Ammonia (NH₃)
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Hydrogen sulphide (H₂S)
Chlorinated hydrocarbons Mercury (Hg)
Volatile organic contaminants (VOC)

The Jacobi Services mobile filters and different media are also used for water treatment in soil remediation projects.

EcoFlow Filters


The EcoFlow™ range of mobile air treatment adsorbers have been successfully used for air treatment in soil remediation projects. The filters can treat up to 40,000 m³/h per filter. The mobile adsorbers can be operated in parallel to treat higher flow rates.


EcoFlow™ filters

Auxiliary equipment and additional services

In addition to mobile filters and different media, Jacobi Services also offers various items of auxiliary equipment and additional services for air treatment in soil remediation projects, including:

  • The selection of the type and number of EcoFlow™ filters. The selection depends on the flowrate and the estimated annual activated carbon consumption.
  • Media sample pots can be supplied in order to determine the recycling or disposal route quickly.
  • The Jacobi Services group can, based on lab testing, determine what the optimum recycling or disposal route is for the spent carbon is.

Recycling, Energy Recovery or Disposal Services

The Jacobi adsorbents are used in a wide range of applications. Adsorbents generally have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced once they are saturated or the treatment objective is reached. Jacobi Services offers several recycling, energy recovery or disposal services in different facilities, depending on the properties of the spent material.



Jacobi’s AddSorb™ range of speciality activated carbons for various applications, such as acid gases, alkali gases, formaldehyde, mercury, and odour control.



EcoSorb™ activated carbons are designed for a diverse range of air and gas purification duties. Featuring granular and extruded pellet types; these products exhibit the high microporosity necessary to adsorb efficiently in the gaseous phase. The EcoSorb™ range are activated carbons used for organics abatement in air.



The ReSorb™ range of reactivated pool carbons are used to remove organics from air in soil remediation projects.


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